Environmentally Friendly Cooking

Welcome to The Green Bean! I hope you’ve stumbled here because you are trying to find out more about “green” cooking.

Although I won’t be telling you much about myself through my posts, I thought I’d put this first one out there to let you know a little bit about why I’m doing all of this.

My name is Chelsea and I am a second year college student majoring in Environmental Science and some form of Biology (it changes by the day depending on what sort of class-load I’m willing to put myself through). Since I was little I’ve loved cooking. I decided to mix these two passions and attempt to help you (and myself) learn more about “green” cooking. I’m not going to claim expertise in the area, and I’m sure sometimes I’ll end up procrastinating my real workload to do some researching myself. I promise, however, that I will do as much research as needed to ensure that the recipes put on this blog are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Disclaimer: I am a Pescetarian. This means that the only meat that I eat is of the seafood variety. My mom and dad, however, do eat red meat and chicken. Therefore, until this summer I will not be including any meat recipes, but if you are really amped on more environmentally friendly meat recipes, let me know and when I cook for my parents this summer I’ll include some of those recipes as well.

“Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” -William Ruckelshaus

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