Let’s Talk Childhood

Ok. So I know I said that I wasn’t going to be talking about myself on here… HOWEVER, I had a super awesome night tonight and I feel like I need to take a brief moment to talk to you guys (if anyone’s out there) about it:

Two of my friends and I went to see BILL NYE give a lecture on our campus! Now I don’t know about you but Bill Nye is, in my mind, one of the coolest guys ever. He took science and taught kids to love it! He showed us how fun science could be! I asked for a MICROSCOPE for Christmas when I was like 10! Who does that? Oh ya… people who watched Bill Nye the Science Guy. That’s who. He was one of the reasons I fell in love with science the way that I have–> enough to study it in college where, believe me, it’s no longer fun and games. Science is really hard in college. You hear about the classes that “weed” people out of the tougher majors… majoring in science that’s EVERY class. If you’re going to be a science major you REALLY have to love the stuff. I owe my love partially to Bill.

So, aside from being hugely starstruck, here are the reasons that Bill Nye is still the coolest science guy I know:

  • He’s genuinely funny. During the question and answer period after the lecture he proved that. When you’re answering a question there’s no script… and Bill still had me laughing.
  • He’s an environmental enthusiast. For me, obviously, this is a big one. His whole presentation was about human’s effect on the environment and how it’s now in our hands to fix our mistakes.
  • He speaks my “greener” food language: Why are burgers 60 cents and a fruit and nut salad is 2 dollars? This is worse for the environment! The meat industry is so subsidized that it is cheaper than salad! This doesn’t even make sense! To make a salad, only so much transportation is needed, only so much land is used, only so much water is consumed. To make a cow? You need to feed the cows from the vegetables that would be in a salad. All of the feed’s transportation, land, and water is added on to the land, transportation, and water needed to sustain the cow and get it to market. It blows my mind! We should be looking more into the Smart Pasture Operation to raise cattle.
  • He taught us so many other environmental issues too:
  1. The atmosphere is so tiny. If it was measured it would be like the width of the varnish on a table. Yet that is what allows life to be sustained on our planet! We need to be more cautious about how we treat it!
  2. We need to look into the effects of our energy use. And definitely look into sustainable energy sources (such as solar power). The energy we use now causes things such as the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, the Three Mile Island Accident, and so many more. Renewable energies don’t have these costly disasters attached to them. If a wind mill falls over, it does a little damage, but if a nuclear reactor fails? That’s on another level.

Ok. I know this post isn’t food related, but really… you HAVE to see this guy. I thought he was cool when I was little… it’s no comparison to how cool he is now. I mean the man signed up to go to space, built a sundial on the Mars Rover, and has a thousand ideas for how to help with global warming (though I disagree with him on the use of geo-engineering–>I think it will just cause more problems). Regardless… I’m running on a high from just seeing this guy in person. 54 years old and still kicking it science guy style… bow tie and all.

The man...the myth...THE LEGEND!

So… I’m sorry I just ranted at you about one of my childhood heros for so long. I promise I’ll get back to the kitchen and teaching you (and myself–>I’ve really learned a lot so far) about greener cooking. But for now, go to this site to find out about which ingredients are greener.

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