Something to Think About

So… today is my sister’s 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday C!!! Love you lots!

Anyways the point of me stating that is that I am driving home today to celebrate her birthday and a belated Mother’s Day. Therefore, I will not be able to post any new recipes for you today. I recommend checking out Whole-Wheat or Bust! on my blogroll, but I do want to give you something to think about today:

Frozen microwaveable meals.

I’m going to admit I’m being completely hypocritical as I write this, due to the fact that I’m sitting here eating an Amy’s Organic brown rice and teriyaki vegetable bowl; however, the bowl that I’m devouring for a quick pick-me-up after my midterm and before my drive home was my inspiration.

How bad are these frozen meals for the environment?

  1. Frozen meals have layers upon layers of packaging. These cling wraps and plastics and papers all use valuable resources to make them! This site tells you a little about the environmental impacts of plastics but does not mention the chemical pollutants and fossil fuels that go into making plastic.
  2. Ingredients in frozen meals may be organic (and therefore are better for the environment than their non-organic counterparts) but they are not locally grown for many people. This means there is a large amount of transport involved in getting these quick meals to you.
  3. Some studies show that the freezing process is also harmful to the environment as it takes a lot of energy and some chemicals may be used.

I’m not telling you guys not to take a night off from cooking and enjoy a delicious Lean Cuisine or whatever frozen food floats your boat. I’m telling you like always to ask some questions. Make sure to recycle the boxes your food comes in! Try out the organic frozen variations! And don’t over-indulge in these quick-fix meals.

3 responses to “Something to Think About

  1. I have a question about this article. Are all organic foods greener than their non organic counterparts. For example, are organic chickens greener than non organic chickens or are they just healthier?

  2. They are more eco-friendly and healthier. This website explains a few reasons:

    One huge reason is that on factory farms many animals are fed other animals. This increases the amount of animals raised. As I have stated, this is a definite eco-hazard.

  3. I fixed the link!!!!
    THANKS so much for the shout out! your so cute.
    i love your blog. and frozen meals usually suck on multiple levels, so im right there with ya. however i too am a hypocrite because 20 minutes ago I bought frozen WHOLE WHEAT individual pizzas. I never buy frozen meals but when I saw whole wheat cheesy mini pizzas, I had to. Done deal.

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