Alrighty. I’d just like to say that I am very sorry for my absence. My finals took over my life even more than I had been anticipating and moving out of my apartment was quite a chore. But, I’m back!!! And since I’m officially on summer lounging around at the beach, and traversing the South, I will be posting quite regularly and I’m hoping that the quality of the pictures and recipes will be improving. And I’ll definitely have time for research, so I’ll hopefully be avoiding anymore little mistakes.

Today, I’d like to talk about ketchup. A delicious condiment that’s good on everything from fries to Cheetos (a childhood favorite–>if you’re having a bad day some day definitely check it out if you don’t believe me). I realize that if you’re looking for healthy food to eat you may already be changing your ways from the normal Heinz (packed full of high fructose corn syrup) to some healthier version–>and more power to you if that’s your calling. For me, I’m more worried about the environmental risks of the high fructose corn syrup. Check out more on that here. Again, everything in moderation.

BUT one thing I cannot stand is what I encountered yesterday on my drive home from school. My dad and I had been stuck in traffic for two hours (through what should’ve taken 45 minutes) and we were hungry. We pulled off the road and all we could find was a fast food restaurant. And I really don’t like fast food. BUT just like the average American has realized: it’s cheaper, it’s faster, and it can taste good if you’re craving fats, salts, and oils. At this particular restaurant they didn’t have much in the way of vegetarian foods but I settled for a quesadilla (I’m positive one without organic cheese). And aside from the lack of vegetarian food, the abundance of wrappers (complete waste of resources), and the overall uneco-friendly vibe fast food restaurants have… I reached my limit with the ketchup. I’m going to say this once and only once. THERE IS NO REASON IN THE WORLD THAT WE SHOULD INDIVIDUALLY WRAP KETCHUP PACKETS (OR OTHER CONDIMENTS)! I get that ketchup on-the-go makes for a logical “let’s put it in a packet” sort of a thing. But let’s discuss these packets:

  • These are not single-serving packets. I’ve never known anyone who did not need at least two or three. That leads to excess packet waste.
  • These are not recyclable, not compostable, not anything like that. They’re going straight to landfills and are going to take until our children’s children’s children’s children’s…etc. life to maybe have decomposed.
  • If you’re eating inside a restaurant (like sitting down and not taking the stuff to go) there is no excuse for the packets. It’s probably even cheaper to have bottles rather than get thousands of packets and have them all individually labeled for your company.
  • Even bottled ketchup has its drawbacks in terms of packaging so I propose refillable glass bottles. Or something of the sort.
  • And for the consumer on-the-go I want to see at least recyclable packaging (though I’d prefer compostable).

If the majority of Americans are eating at fast-food-restaurants, if we’re actually worried about our planet at all, this should be the place to start our call for more environmentally friendly practices. It’s really not kosher that the place where most Americans eat have so much waste. They fly their food from wherever they can get it cheapest, they have excess packaging, and the STUPID ketchup packets are just the icing on top of the cake.

One response to “Ketchup

  1. Great point on the ketchup packets. Perhaps some emails to the companies will help. Why mot put them in biodegradable materials?

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