Mini Cheesecakes

I know that I just made cheesecake but let me tell you why I’m posting about it again:

  1. I made it greener this time around.
  2. It was one of my best friend’s 21st birthday’s and he really likes my cheesecake (or so he tells me).
  3. I made all sorts of flavors so you can see some of the great things you can do with cheesecake :).

I made 21 mini cheesecakes (I know it seems like a lot–> it WAS –> but they were shared between a couple of us that went to Catalina to celebrate his 21st and he’s taking the rest home for the familia) in five different flavors: raspberry, chocolate, cookie dough, regular, and cookies n’ cream PLUS I used the extra for a pie-sized raspberry swirl cheesecake.

Mini Cheesecakes

(I cut the recipe for you so it makes 10 mini cheesecakes approximately)

  • Oreos, crushed and/or Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Vegan Margarine, enough to coat oreos and/or grahams
  • 4 bars Neufchatel Cream Cheese
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Vanilla
  • 3 Eggs

Mix the Oreos and/or Grahams with melted vegan margarine. Place into small ramekins (such as little pyrex bowls). Mix the rest of the ingredients together for the base of all of the cheesecakes. Then divide the batter into as many types as you want (I did 5). Add different ingredients to each: for raspberry, mix crushed raspberries with a little powdered sugar and mix into cheesecake batter, for cookies n’ cream, chop Oreos and mix into batter, for cookie dough, leave plain but place a ball of cookie dough on top of the crust in one of the ramekins and top with plain cheesecake mix, add melted chocolate to make chocolate cheesecake). Pour batter on top of crusts in the ramekins and bake for ~30 minutes at 400 degrees or until they do not wiggle in the middle when you shake them.


  1. Smaller versions of cheesecake mean no waste! You don’t need to make a whole big cheesecake (just cut the recipe down for less), and if you do make more than you were expecting, you can freeze some of them! Plus, they’re easier to give away than a whole cheesecake–>no one will worry you’re trying to ruin their waistline.
  2. Vegan margarine instead of butter cuts back on the animal byproduct (though I know that cheesecake is full of it). Every little bit helps :).
  3. Organic neufchatel anyone? No pesticides go into the crops fed to the animals used to produce the cheese, and no growth hormones end up in you. A.k.a. you keep pesticides and growth hormones out of yourself and the water!
  4. I cut back on the eggs a little. You only need enough eggs to allow the binding to occur.
  5. If there is extra batter like there was for me, you can combine it to create cool flavors! I ended up with extra raspberry and extra regular but it made a great raspberry swirl! Try combining chocolate and cookies n’ cream. Or chocolate and cookie dough.

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