Starting today, I’m going to write a weekly post where I tell you about ways to “green” up common household activities. Since I just got done taking a much needed shower (I was at Catalina Island all day–>though by the time you’re reading this I’ll have been in Baja for a while–>and we snorkeled and had probably my favorite day yet this year celebrating Matt’s 21st b-day) I decided that I should figure out ways that I, and you guys, can use less energy and basically be more “green” with our showers.

Green: Take a faster shower (i.e. if you take 10 minutes, do the 5 minute challenge but if you take 30, try for 20–>I’m not trying to get everyone to a 5 minute shower because I realize some of you are starting farther away from that point). Personally I think challenges are fun. And this one will help save water. Try switching to organic shampoos and conditioners. Or do what I do and switch between organic and regular (if I use solely organic it dries out my hair, but switching between the two seems to be better than just using the chemical kind). I’ve even heard of people who save water by brushing their teeth in the shower (though it takes a bit to get used to brushing your teeth with warm water).
Greener: If you shave in the shower, try turning off the water while you do so. Your skin will have enough water on it already and it’ll save energy that it takes to heat up the water and it’ll save water itself. Or try turning down the heat of the shower. There’s really no reason you need to be showering in scalding hot water anyways :).
Greenest: While I was in India last summer, we were taking bucket showers. I’m not a huge fan (mostly because I’m the type of person who uses my time in the shower to de-stress and unwind, but they save a ton of water! If you’re super dedicated seriously check this out. Fill a bucket with water and use a smaller cup to dip into the bucket and pour the water over yourself. You can also try investing in showers that have lower water output.

Hope that gave you something to think about :). Like I’ve said, if you’re just getting into this eco-lifestyle don’t overdo it or you might burn out. That’s why I gave you the levels of “greenness”. Different levels for people with different eco-experience.

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