First off: let me just say that I’m so sorry that I’ve taken such a long leave of absence. I got home from Baja and had culture shock for a couple of days and since then I’ve just had a bit of a block when it comes to food. I think that I’ve actually over-stimulated my brain with different cultures and food styles and it has made me question a lot about my cooking. BUT I’m back! And on the days that cooking doesn’t come to me (and I prefer to eat yummy summer fruit… watermelon and peaches anyone?) I’ll write some environmental tips for you to follow or look into.

Second: Baja was an amazing experience! Aside from the research I did on whale sharks, I learned a lot about invertebrates, dolphins, and other fish species. Further, we spent a lot of time looking into the way the ecosystem functions as a whole. It was an amazing trip and I would go back in a split second. It also allowed me to understand how little I really need to live on. Since we were in the ocean all day, we took very few showers (and luckily didn’t smell too bad) and we cooked on some iffy propane burners (talk about different from what I’m used to). I’m definitely off of PBJs and quesadillas for a while. 🙂 If you’re interested in any of the research we did or if you want to hear more about the trip just comment and I’ll give you some more info.

For now, however, here is your eco-tip for the day:

Reduce the amount of stuff you buy at the grocery store (and therefore your waste) by planning your weekly meals ahead of time. It helps you save money $$$ and it can help you stay healthy! A lot of times, the days you binge are the days you don’t really know what you’re in the mood for so you snack on a little of everything. If you have a plan already, you have to stick to it so that your food doesn’t go to waste. As in many other food endeavors, going green can keep you looking leaner :).

Stay tuned for some bomb recipes that I’ll be cooking up soon. I have my mojo back so they should be better than ever!

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