The Compost Experiment Continued

This summer, my dad and I have been throwing all of our fruit peels, coffee, etc. into a tiny kitchen-top composter. It filled up pretty quickly and we kind of forgot that it existed at all. Recently, when we opened it up, not only were bugs thriving in there but we also realized just how fertile composters can be. In just a month everything seems to have melded into a great nutritious dirt that is actually growing plants! Check it out:

So if you didn’t believe me before when I told you that you HAVE to get a compost because there’s really no reason not to (it’s environmentally friendly and really is a great way to recycle–>your old gross products can be nutrition for your new yummy ones) you should believe me now. We didn’t plant whatever is sprouting up! And it was all covered up! Composts are just that magical :).

2 responses to “The Compost Experiment Continued

  1. Good for you! I believe everyone should compost. My kids are trained and we have a big bin outdoors where we throw our scraps. It’s amazing how well it works.

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