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Environmental Studies 190

Hey guys! So I had a quick homework assignment for my Environmental Studies 190 class to write about my career path and how my major will help with it. I thought you may be interested in what I wrote (mom and dad:)). So, here it is:

My Career Path

I entered UC Santa Barbara in the Fall of 2008 having chosen to be an Environmental Studies B.A. major. I chose this major with limited reasoning. I saw it as an interesting subject matter and a way to get my bachelors degree so I could move on to receiving my teaching credentials. The day I stepped into Environmental Studies 1, everything changed. I no longer looked into my future and saw myself teaching first-graders. I saw myself in the Peace Corps teaching people the importance of the environment. I saw myself fighting for human rights such as clean air and water. I saw myself diving at the Great Barrier Reef and studying the impact of climate change on the coral and the aquatic species that inhabit it. I saw myself opening a restaurant to promote eco-friendly cooking and sustainable eating. I saw so many new career paths that I could take. The day I stepped into Environmental Studies 1, I realized that I had somehow ended up where I needed to be.

Since that day, I have changed my course to Environmental Studies B.S. with an emphasis in Aquatic Biology and I have realized that my whole life I have been on this path. I love hiking, surfing, and camping. I have been a vegetarian for five years. I have an addiction to animals of all types. And I have been studying the world and human interactions with it since I was born. For my tenth birthday, I asked my parents for a compound light microscope that I used for hours a day to look at sand, dead bugs, and plants. When I was seventeen, I went camping for the first time. Since then, I have gone around three times a year, including a two and a half week stint in Baja where I researched whale sharks.

In the future, I know only a few things for certain. I want to help people and I want to change the way people view the environment. Therefore, I will be applying for the Peace Corps next year in the field of Environmental Conservation. My major will help me achieve this dream by instilling me with the knowledge I will need to teach others about the environment. Once I have finished my time in the Peace Corps, I will decide whether I want to continue traveling and teaching others about environmental degradation or whether I will change my path to a more stable living situation. If I choose a more stable living situation, I intend to use my education to open a sustainable restaurant that will focus on using local, seasonal, organic ingredients and organic and sustainable meat and fish products. I believe that being a B.S. major will help with this because cooking is a lot like chemistry. You need to be okay with experimenting and failing with those experiments (which I did a lot of in General Chemistry lab).

Overall, I believe that my major has opened many doors that I did not even consider. I have always loved traveling but never really considered it as an option for my career. Now, I look into my future and see myself in South America fighting against deforestation. I see myself in Africa teaching people about the economic incentives for eco-tourism. I see myself all over the world. And when I finally decide to settle down (if that ever happens), I believe I will continue my environmental work at home helping businesses get “green”. I envision raising my family in a house that I helped to design to be completely sustainable. I picture myself camping with my family in a national park that has not been completely degraded due to overpopulation and resource use. I can only hope that my work with the environment will help that picture come true. The way things are going right now, there will not be a national park to camp with my family in. That image is why I am choosing the career path I described. Environmental Studies B.S. is the major that will help me get there.