Environmental Studies 190

Hey guys! So I had a quick homework assignment for my Environmental Studies 190 class to write about my career path and how my major will help with it. I thought you may be interested in what I wrote (mom and dad:)). So, here it is:

My Career Path

I entered UC Santa Barbara in the Fall of 2008 having chosen to be an Environmental Studies B.A. major. I chose this major with limited reasoning. I saw it as an interesting subject matter and a way to get my bachelors degree so I could move on to receiving my teaching credentials. The day I stepped into Environmental Studies 1, everything changed. I no longer looked into my future and saw myself teaching first-graders. I saw myself in the Peace Corps teaching people the importance of the environment. I saw myself fighting for human rights such as clean air and water. I saw myself diving at the Great Barrier Reef and studying the impact of climate change on the coral and the aquatic species that inhabit it. I saw myself opening a restaurant to promote eco-friendly cooking and sustainable eating. I saw so many new career paths that I could take. The day I stepped into Environmental Studies 1, I realized that I had somehow ended up where I needed to be.

Since that day, I have changed my course to Environmental Studies B.S. with an emphasis in Aquatic Biology and I have realized that my whole life I have been on this path. I love hiking, surfing, and camping. I have been a vegetarian for five years. I have an addiction to animals of all types. And I have been studying the world and human interactions with it since I was born. For my tenth birthday, I asked my parents for a compound light microscope that I used for hours a day to look at sand, dead bugs, and plants. When I was seventeen, I went camping for the first time. Since then, I have gone around three times a year, including a two and a half week stint in Baja where I researched whale sharks.

In the future, I know only a few things for certain. I want to help people and I want to change the way people view the environment. Therefore, I will be applying for the Peace Corps next year in the field of Environmental Conservation. My major will help me achieve this dream by instilling me with the knowledge I will need to teach others about the environment. Once I have finished my time in the Peace Corps, I will decide whether I want to continue traveling and teaching others about environmental degradation or whether I will change my path to a more stable living situation. If I choose a more stable living situation, I intend to use my education to open a sustainable restaurant that will focus on using local, seasonal, organic ingredients and organic and sustainable meat and fish products. I believe that being a B.S. major will help with this because cooking is a lot like chemistry. You need to be okay with experimenting and failing with those experiments (which I did a lot of in General Chemistry lab).

Overall, I believe that my major has opened many doors that I did not even consider. I have always loved traveling but never really considered it as an option for my career. Now, I look into my future and see myself in South America fighting against deforestation. I see myself in Africa teaching people about the economic incentives for eco-tourism. I see myself all over the world. And when I finally decide to settle down (if that ever happens), I believe I will continue my environmental work at home helping businesses get “green”. I envision raising my family in a house that I helped to design to be completely sustainable. I picture myself camping with my family in a national park that has not been completely degraded due to overpopulation and resource use. I can only hope that my work with the environment will help that picture come true. The way things are going right now, there will not be a national park to camp with my family in. That image is why I am choosing the career path I described. Environmental Studies B.S. is the major that will help me get there.

4 responses to “Environmental Studies 190

  1. I think we all knew you were in the right major before you did, Chels. You have always been an advocat for the the homeless, the helpless, all animals and the environment. And, you are one of the most creative home chefs I have ever encountered. Love you!

  2. This is a great post and I think it’s wonderful that you took time to write this down. What you’ve written is very inspirational and fun to read. It sounds like your major is perfect for you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work and you will make a difference!

  4. I miss your blog lover butt!! I cant wait to see you! Lets plan a visit?? phone date soon. as in. this week beforeee thursday.

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